Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 10 TV Countdown - #10: EUREKA

"Nothing like being chased by a killer robot to make you want your mom." -- Jack

I consumed most of the four seasons of Eureka this week while I was sick and couldn't do much of anything but watch TV. Henceforth, it has bumped the show I originally had as #10 on my list.

I want to describe this show as humorous, but when I think about it, it's actually quite serious, with life-threatening situations happening nearly every episode. But what draws me to it is that the characters are just plain fun. You've got Jack Carter, your easy-going, likeable main character; Jo Lupo, the scrappy, gun-loving deputy who will take on anything or anyone; Henry Deacon, brilliant scientist and mechanic; Nathan Stark, annoying but also brilliant head of scientific company; Douglas Fargo, the guy who always pushes the wrong button at the wrong time; and... I could go on.

At times, there was a bit too much drama for me, with couples getting together (or almost getting together) and breaking up everywhere, often using time-travel and alternate universe story lines to bring about said breakups. I mean (SPOILER WARNING), it took Jack four years to ask Allison out! But I guess drawing it out is where the fun's at. And hopefully they won't break up and get back together too many more times, since there is only one season left.

I was pleasantly surprised that they made the alternate universe work after travelling back in time to 1947 (which, by the way, is my favourite episode so far, in which five Eureka citizens get sent back to 1947, Jo charges in on a stolen motorcycle with a tank chasing her and beats up a bunch of soldiers. 'Cause she's scrappy.) I kept expecting them to get back to the original universe, but it looks like they're in the new one for good. But it seems to work, and it's been a lot of fun watching the five characters deal with their new lives.

Oh yeah, and the writers do a good job of making the science jargon sound real.

There's always something exciting happening at Eureka, whether it is a massive explosion, miniaturization, time travel, or a ship and its crew disappearing (did I mention I HATE cliffhangers! Now we have to wait til next summer to see what happens... grumble grumble). Even if you aren't generally a fan of science fiction, you might find yourself enjoying this show. I certainly did.

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