Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Insecure Writer's Support Group

I am joining Alex J. Cavanaugh's innovative blog hop, where writers can post their fears or offer encouragement to other writers. We post the first Wednesday of every month.

As I just finished my NaNoWriMo sci-fi novel, I have two worries looming over me.

1.That as I am taking a couple weeks break from the book to get some distance from it, that I will fall into the pit of procrastination and never come back to it. I keep telling myself that I love the story and characters too much to let it sit there forever. But still, I worry... Procrastination is so easy.

2. Once I do come back to it and start the re-write (which I will. I WILL, I tell you!), I will not be able to do the characters or the story justice. They are so perfectly formulated in my brain... but how to transfer that perfection onto the page? The tales spinning in my head always come out differently when I put the words down. Not worse, just different. I have to learn to live with that.

Do check out some of the other blogs linked below for some inspiration, encouragement, or writing rants.


  1. I'm in a pit of procrastination right now. Dig me out will you?

  2. The fact that you've written the novel in the first place is a hell of an achievement, so you deserve a bit of procrastination (I learned a little while back that it's not procrastination if you make it intentional, that way you don't feel guilty about not working :P).

    I'm dreading coming to the re-write stage, but I think I'll have fun with it as I'll know that every tweak I make (should) improve the story and it make it even better. So will you :)

  3. i feel so bad, i totally forgot to write a post for this this month.
    BUT! I'm always one for encouragement!
    I used to be a huge procrastinator. And then i would start things and never finish them. The thing that really helped me was to start writing every day. And i mean, even if i didn't actually "write" i'd at least try to do something writerly, even if it was just line edits, etc. After a few months of that, the procrastination was gone and i haven't looked back.
    And don't worry about # 2. Here's the thing, you put in enough hard work, that story will get to where it needs to be. Even if you don't have the skills now, you will one day, and there's no rush.

  4. Jen - As Jack London would say: don't wait for inspiration, go after it with a club. I'm learning that if I only write when I feel like it, I will only write once or twice a year.

    Jamie - Thanks for putting it that way! All the best in your rewriting.

    Sarah - That's what I loved about NaNoWriMo as it forced me to write almost every day. Now I have to force myself! Good advice.

  5. Well, since you just told us about it, we won't let you procrastinate and forget that story!
    Thanks for joining the IWSG.

  6. Good point, Alex! Thanks for dropping by.