Thursday, August 2, 2012

Warehouse 13 Season 4, Episode 2: An Evil Within

SPOILER ALERT: In these episode reviews I will be discussing what happens without being careful about what I say, so don't read on unless you have seen it or don't care about spoilers.

I wasn't sure if Claudia would actually get to bring Steve back... but voila! She did! I am excited to have him back, because he is a fun character. And now I'm sure there will be some interesting plot developments with that metronome. I keep thinking he is like one of those superheroes with a weakness now. The metronome is his Achille's heel or Superman's Kryptonite, if you will.

Were you surprised that Pete's mom lied about giving permission? I thought it was a bit strange that the regents would give permission to use an artifact like that, but I still didn't realize she had lied until she admitted it at the end. Good plot twist.

I am left with two questions at the end of this episode:
1) Who or what is the evil that Artie has released? We are supposed to think that it is Claudia, but I bet this is a trick and it is actually something else. Could it be Steve? Artie himself?
2) Where was H.G. in this episode??


  1. I kept wondering what HG was up to as well. Maybe the evil will be Artie himself and Claudia is trying to stop it.

    1. I am also wondering if that is what will happen. Hopefully HG will turn up in the next episode!