Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Psychology of Writing

I am not making a long post, because I have writing projects to work on! But I have not forgotten you, my IWSG friends. I leave you with this thought from Calvin and Hobbes.

 Sometimes, coming up with a crazy good story is worth being sent to the psychologist's office for, agreed? :)


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  1. Heh, great cartoon..."Not -that- much fun.." lol :)

  2. I have a friend who sends me Calvin & Hobbes cartoons all the time. Always so brilliant. :)

  3. Absolutely writing a crazy good story is worth a trip to the psychologist's office. Love Calvin & Hobbes!!

  4. I love Calvin and Hobbes! ANd yes, any good story is worth a trip to the psychologist's office.

  5. At this point the school psychologist looks at me, sighs and hands me a hall pass for the library :)

    <3 Calvin and Hobbes

  6. Definitely true! I always hated writing for school and writing prompts aren't much better b/c my creativity needs to roam free. I enjoy writing more when I'm not bound by age/word count restrictions and specific topics. (Deadlines are okay though)