Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doctor Who Season 7 Finale

Spoilers ahead, sweeties.

It is with a heavy heart that I say this, but here it goes: Doctor Who is not what it used to be.

I miss the feel of the old seasons. Clara just doesn't have the personality of any of the previous companions. She's got spunk, but she's got nothing on Amy. She talks back a bit, but she's no Donna. At times it seems she has a thing for the Doctor, but can you have a better unrequited love story than Martha's? The Doctor cares about her, but nothing like he did for Rose. What are we left with? A companion that is merely okay.

Her one redeeming quality was the question surrounding her. I actually loved how the mystery unraveled, when it turned out she had jumped into the Doctor's timeline. Magnificent. The scene was wonderfully moving. If Clara made this sacrifice, I could appreciate her character so much more. She would be the Doctor's hero, something other companions haven't been.

It should have ended there, with Clara's sacrifice, which could have been on par with moving scenes from the previous series, almost as good as Rose disappearing into the other universe or Donna losing her memory. But then what happens?

The Doctor jumps into his own timeline and saves her. What? What!? WHAT?

Did he not JUST explain that his grave was the most dangerous place he could be and he should never EVER do that because of timey-wimey ripping holes in the universe causing paradox type problems??

Nope, it's all good. He just jumps in there and brings her back. Cue appearance of new, mysterious Doctor (you didn't actually have to spell that out for us with the big shiny letters, by the way, Moffat), and end scene.


I did like the appearances of past Doctors in this episode. I did like the conclusion of River Song's story (she was always one of my favourites). But still. This finale, and this whole season, was lacking the emotional impact of Tennant's days, and even the early Smith days.

So there you have my rant. I will keep watching new episodes of Doctor Who, but sadly, without the enthusiasm I used to have for this beloved show, and with the hope that it will redeem itself.


  1. One of these days Moffat is going to actually listen to the fan base and quit it... there are some interesting theories surrounding the next season, but I agree... something is not holding together with this current companion and storyline. It's like they stopped writing before each episode was done.

    Sigh... and I love the Doctor so much!

  2. Agreed; Moffat's focus has been on Sherlock this past year or so, so Doctor Who has taken a back seat, sadly. I enjoyed the finale and had a decent pay off, but it's one of the weakest series' since the reboot.

  3. I have to admit, I geeked out during the first three minutes, where Clara was talking to the very first incarnation of the Doctor.

    I'll agree, though, portions of this season have felt like they were 'phoned in' by the creative team.

  4. This season has been the most disappointing so far, but I say that as a huge fan of Matt Smith.

    I agree, Clara is the weak link. She is cute and fun, but blah! The episodes have had no heart to them and no emotional pull.

    That said, I thought the finale was amazing. I'm hoping John Hurt is the Doctor between McGann and Ecclestone, and he could be a baddie! Really looking forward to seeing Ten and Rose again too.

  5. maybe they are just going thru a slump... the need to find that magic again! hope they do for you!

  6. I liked it. Please don't hate me :-)

  7. Though I liked the episode, I was a bit underwhelmed and wasn't sure why - thanks for putting it into words for me. Though I'll miss Matt Smith, I'm ready to see a new doctor's take on the character.