Saturday, July 27, 2013

Game of Thrones Roundup - Chapters 15-28

This is the second post for the A Song of Ice and Fire Book Club, where Jamie from Mithril Wisdom, Ria from Bibliotropic, Heather from Reading, Writing, and Everything In Between, and I are reading Game of Thrones in ten weeks, and asking each other questions as we go.

Jamie: Littlefinger and Varys banter really well with one another; I love their back and forth as they try to outdo one another. Who do you prefer and why?
We don't know much about Varys yet, but from what we do know I prefer Littlefinger. Even though Littlefinger is creepy, I kind of like him. He is witty and clever, and has made his own path for himself. I like that he helped out the Starks, though I wonder how strong his allegiance is. I guess we'll find out!

Heather: Arya and Sansa are clearly very different personalities with very different views on the world, despite coming from the same origins. Which do you identify with the most? Do you think the chasm building between them is becoming too great to be bridged, despite their father’s efforts to keep them closer?
I don't identify with Sansa very well. She is a princess, in more ways than one. I absolutely love Arya; she is one of my favourites. I like that she is brave and smart, and loves adventure. I think the two can bridge the chasm that's come between, though. They are different, but I think they will come to see that they need each other.

Allison: Ned Stark seems to be a pretty honourable guy so far–he obviously cares about his family and duty is important to him. I liked the part where he gives Arya back Needle and arranges for her to have lessons. However, I can’t bring myself to like him, because I have this foreboding feeling that he is going to do something terrible and make me hate him. What do you think of Ned so far?
I sort of answered my own question in my question! I like him so far, but I am hesitant to become attached because I feel like winter is coming with him yet. I do love the idea of him being played by Sean Bean in the movie, and look forward to seeing that!

Ria: What do you think of the situation involving how Jon turned enemies into allies on the Wall? Effective strategy, or overused Saturday-morning-cartoon plot device?
Some might get tired of the turning-enemies-to-allies plot device, but I love it. Jon has constantly been thinking about his self and his own problems so far (and who can blame him), but now he's learning to think about others too. I think he's got the heart to be a big encouragement and inspiration to these other boys, and the ability to make some life-changing friendships.

Final Thoughts:
I am enjoying the multiple points of view in Game of Thrones. And despite my efforts to not get attached, I already have found favourites in Arya, Jon, and Tyrion.


  1. Hope your favorites make it to the end of the book!

  2. I think everyone has the same favourite characters at this point. It's kind of awesome to see that across the board. :D

  3. I love the different points of view. They really keep the story fresh. The greater story is an epic tale, built on the colorful cast of characters. Arya and Daenerys just get better and better!

  4. You're in for a treat with Sean Bean as Ned Stark. He's brilliantly portrayed :)

  5. Sean Bean definitely makes a great Ned Stark, and I sure hope the sisters can make it up between them, if only for his sake. Great questions this week.

  6. Awesome! I really enjoy multiple POV stories. I seriously need to get cracking on this series. :)

  7. your faves are mine too! plus more to come. esp when the bad have a change of heart! no spoilers!

    love peeking into your discussions!