Saturday, August 10, 2013

Game of Thrones Roundup - Chapters 29-43

This is post number 3 in the ASOIAF Book Club with Jamie from Mithril Wisdom, Ria from Bibliotropic, and Heather from Reading, Writing, and Everything In Between! We are reading Game of Thrones together in 10 weeks.

Here are our questions this week:

Heather: What do you think of Catelyn Stark's sudden capture of Tyrion Lannister and her trek to see her crazy sister? Was it a mother's reaction seeking revenge, or a strong woman trying to do her best for the Realm?

I actually felt at the time I was reading it that Catelyn was reacting out of fear. Tyrion Lannister, in her mind, tried to murder her son and initiated the traumatic attack on herself, and I think she is actually afraid of him. This in conjunction with her anger and grief at what was done to Bran, I believe, caused her rash reaction. She has shown that she is capable of hating someone irrationally before (Jon Snow), and this seems to be happening here with Tyrion as well.

Ria: It seems that the author uses a good deal of archetypes as a base for his characters. Do you feel that this weakens the story when characters are models bordering on stereotypes, or does the large cast with a diverse number of archetypes balance that out?

Martin does seem to use archetypes, but I also think that he likes to do surprising things with these characters that break them out of their molds. For example, dwarfs in fantasy are known to bring humour to the story; Tyrion Lannister does this, yes, but he also says some of the most thought-provoking things in the novel and brings so much more to the story.

Jamie: Danaerys has grown quite bold since she was sold off to Khal Drogo, to the point where she has much less of a problem swinging for Viserys 'douchebag of the year' Targaryen. Do you think her development is down to her becoming stronger, the fact that she has a child to protect or is she getting comfortable in the safety of the khalasar?

Dany's story has actually been one of my favourite character development arcs so far. I think she is getting stronger because she feels like she finally belongs with a people in combination with her growing up and realizing she doesn't have to do everything Viserys says anymore. I loved the parts where she finally stood up to Viserys!

Allison: So far, I am generally pro-Stark and anti-Lannister, but in the case of Catelyn vs. Tyrion I am torn. Who do you feel allied with in their situation?

I'm leaning towards Tyrion, but I really do feel for Catelyn and applaud her for outwitting him! I am impressed that she was able to outsmart him, I really am. Though I think her decision to take him captive was stupid and based on irrational feelings.

Final Thoughts:

There aren't really any boring parts to this book yet, and I appreciate that. The action, interesting story, and character development just keep coming. I actually started watching the TV show this week because my brother had it; I watched up to the parts I've read. They have done a good job of keeping to the book so far, and I love the actors chosen for the parts!


  1. Yay for watching the show! I plan on a 10 hour marathon of season 1 as a recap once we finish the book :)

    Good point too about Tyrion defying the comic relief archetype of dwarfs - his story is actually a lot more tragic than you'd first think (especially with this heart to heart with Bronn in the last chapter we just read).

  2. I'm still chuckling over "douchebag of the year." XD

    Excellent point about dwarves and their typical roles in fantasy and how how that comes to play with Tyrion. That's a connection I didn't make, but I definitely see if now that you've brought it up.

    Seems like everyone's feeling the Dany-love today!

  3. Danaerys was one of my favourite characters from the show, and I'm glad we're getting to see more of her in the book now. I dislike Viserys a lot, and he is very deserving of 'douchebag of the year'! It's great seeing her stand up to him finally, showing him what it means to be a 'true dragon'.

    I agree that none of the book has been boring, and when I sit down to read some I manage to get through a good stint of it in each sitting. I find it hard just to read a single chapter each day so I'm reading a few every few days.

  4. I still haven't watched the show yet, but I do plan on running marathons of the show once I have time.