Saturday, February 9, 2013

Supernatural Season 2 Review

There is something intriguing about the dark. That must be why I'm still watching this show, even though I don't rate it as high as my other favourites.

I enjoyed the culmination of the tension between the Winchester boys and their dad at the beginning of this season. I liked how different Dean's relationship with their dad has been to Sam's relationship with their dad. It's even obvious whenever the two meet him--Dean immediately hugs John while Sam stands awkwardly to the side. John's actions in the first episode are powerful, emotional, and set the tone for the entire season.

Tension is also rising as Sam and Dean get closer to finding the yellow-eyed demon that killed their mom, and Sam's strange abilities come to light.

One of my favourite episodes was episode 17, "Heart," where Sam and Dean track a werewolf. For the first time, they come across a supernatural creature that possibly has no control over its actions, and this presents a moral dilemma. Sam also lets himself get close to someone after keeping his distance for so long. I applaud the writers for getting me emotionally invested in this episode, for that is hard to do in the short span of 45 minutes.

The end of the season concludes the storyline for seasons 1 and 2, and I would almost be happy ending it here if it wasn't for a few loose ends... Darn writers and their hooking techniques.


  1. I might catch it on NetFlix in the future, but I haven't been watching it in real time.

  2. Heh Supernatural keeps you watching. Heart is a v. emotional ep!